Mini Family Sessions


Hands up if you’re a mum that HATES BEING IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA...

Then these photo sessions are for you... I feel you and I am you and I have developed my sessions based on my own fears and discomfort of being photographed. As well as the fact that I cannot get my kids to co-operate for more than 10 minutes!!!

Fun, candid and super comfortable are just some of the words my extremely self conscious mums have used...



  • Minimum 15 high resolution images (most clients get 25/30)

  • The BEST part is it only takes 15 mins so hubby wont complain or roll his eyes

  • Professional Image Enhancement

  • Sneak Peek 1-2 days after shoot

  • Simple web-link download within 15 days

All inclusive no more to pay (no after sales or in person sales, no need to come back to view images as you will get all the usable images)